Draft letter to David Thompson

Transcription of a hand-written draft letter to David Thompson, Director of the ICA, 1972

Dear David Thompson,
I am writing to ask you if you would consider letting me show some paintings at the ICA in the  you would it would be possible for me to have an exhibition of my paintings consider giving me a show at the ICA. in the It is quite a few several year since we met but I believe you were once interested in my work then and presumably have seen some of my paintings from recent years at the Rowan Gallery.
Although I am one of the relatively few artists lucky enough to have the steady support of a good gallery and the opportunity of regular one man shows, I have become somewhat frustrated both by the I have come to think more and more that I feel that I ought there is not at present a I am increasingly frustrated by the [?] I have not in the 9 years since I my first one man show I have only shown work outside the Rowan on one Rowan in London on one occasion. The gallery one man show essential for one’s own creative development and as a means of stimulating the very few sales one gets does not bring the work to a wide enough audience and in any case does not give it offer the chance is not really an appropriate context for showing a cross section of work from several periods.
I d do shall exp What I have in mind is a continuation of the new work I shall would in any case be showing probably in the first half of 73 together with a carefully chosen group number of some of my best work of the last ten years.
I do not envisage anything too like a grand want envisage anything pompous] or elaborately promoted documented, grandiose or on any finite sense retrospective – just a chance to show my best work in a fresh larger setting to a perhaps broader audience. I believe know that I could put on a very strong show. My work in general is going strong and I am very confident. I feel, (as you may know if you saw my article in Studio?!) very strongly that the painting is getting shocking treatment at the hands of a rather immature and less non visual new generation of critics and art journalists and as it is [?fashionable] to knock is is more than 5 minutes old I should welcome the chance to show give some of them an opportunity of catching up on some of their homework. and
I fully appreciate that all this may not you may either not I do not know at all what your attitude to my request or my work in general will be but I should love to and I but I hope you will give it strong consideration. I should be delighted to for you to come to my studio/home to discuss it if you are at all interested. – and of course even if you aren’t. Finally, I should say that I haven’t mentioned this to Alex Gregory-Hood who is on holiday – but we have discussed this sort of idea in the past and I know he is in favour. I shall of course put him in the picture when he comes back.
And if you did agree to my proposal – I know that the Rowan would be very helpful with any printing and cooperative.